Products & Technologies

Mfg CornerSaint-Gobain’s capsules and cartridges are manufactured in both industry standard and customer specified formats in Class 100,000 or 10,000 Clean Rooms. Filter technologies range from small disc capsules and cartridges to capsules with full size cartridges. Saint-Gobain welcomes manufacturing plant audits. We are a Quality Transparent organization open for in-depth Quality System review and provide full material traceability. We work closely with client customers to optimize standard filter system performance and to co-design new and unique filter formats. If you don’t find a filter that is the right match for your application, we offer fit-for-purpose, co-developed solutions. Click here to find out how.

Medical Devices

END-Custom-2Saint-Gobain's Engineers work hand-in-hand with our customers Engineers and Scientists. Our goal is to develop new filtration technologies or to adapt existing filter formats to meet specific custom needs. Technologies include fluid clarification, particle size reduction and sterilization filters for both gas and liquid applications. Our filters are widely used for equipment or processes in healthcare, bio-medical / medical devices, diagnostic and research instruments and machines, laboratory purification for bench-top, lab air, gas, water and many chemistries. Filters are manufactured in ISO 13485 compliant facilities.

Custom & OEM Designed Filters

Custom-filters-1Saint-Gobain specializes in design, development and manufacturing innovative filtration and purification products and membrane devices for liquid and gas applications. Our fast-track, cost effective product development services allow our customers to achieve rapid time-to-market with their new and unique products.

Saint-Gobain works with large and small companies to design develop and produce custom products. We provide service from concept and prototype through to production. Saint-Gobain's ability to provide our customers quickly with products that excel in their specific applications drives our rapid growth. The success and satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority. In close cooperation with customers and material suppliers, we are able to research, evaluate, and select the right membranes and construction material for the target applications.

Saint-Gobain manufactures OEM filters for many client firms including the worlds’ leading membrane filter cartridge makers.

Disposables for Life and Biosciences

ZP Combo-all R2Meeting all industry standards for critical filtration products, Saint-Gobain manufactures the most extensive range of connections and flow geometries for filter capsules. Our objective is to make filter use easy, reliable and effective for biotechnology, biopharmaceutical processes, disposable biocontainers and bio-bags. Hydrophobic and hydrophilic membranes with specialized filter media are optimized through deep experience and novel research in clarification and sterilization for single or multi-use applications. Saint-Gobain's artners with most top-tier independent biocontainer and tube set providers.

Specialty Markets

Disc cap with syringSpecialty Markets